Comparison between the MP3 and OGG Vorbis file formats

MP3 file format

There exist numerous types of aural files. Thus, if you desire to alter the sound formats or replicate the files so that they become playable in different audio players, you ought to be knowledgeable with various file types. These file types can be differentiated through examination of the file name extension. With that in mind, there are compacted audio file types which are preferred by many when downloading, copying, and storing. MP3(.mp3) and OGG(.ogg) are two of the frequently used compressed audio file types. These types are known as lossy compression audio formats. MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or in short MP3 is a revolutionary digitized aural file format which permits the audio file to be compressed to small sizes while still retaining the same quality of sound in the predominantly bigger PCM WAV formats. You can compress a 50MB WAV file to nearly 3 to 5 MB of the MP3 file without interfering with its quality of sound. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Thompson Multimedia developed the MP3 format in the late 80s. MP3 was expressly designed for easy download and storage over the Web, and that success made it trendy. You can load a hundred or more MP3 songs on an ordinary CD. The fame of this format also ushered in the MP3 players, and those who trade in these devices realize considerable profits. The MP3 format was well-liked and practical that it brought a lot of uproar in the music production industry since patented music became more readily accessible and shared digitally.

OGG file format

Another type of the compacted digital audio file format is OGG Vorbis or the OGG. OGG is not that commonly known as the MP3; however, it is smaller in file size because it is even more compressed. Unlike the copyrighted MP3, OGG is not restricted by any exclusive rights, because it is open source and hence free for everyone. The compression of OGG digital audio differs in bit rate. The significant disadvantage of OGG is that there are very few transportable players that utilize this format implying that you cannot travel around with your favourite songs. Most of us do not even have this codec on our PC’s. While it is so simple to set up, most people get perplexed with what to do with the OGG files. The unique aspect of this file extension is its usage devoid of the requirement to adhere to any software copyright laws. OGG file became popular because it was identified that an important tool was needed to create high-quality digital multimedia music. OGG was the best tool for that. Its application with pocket PC also tremendously contributed to this extension’s fame. OGG is also working to develop a copyright-open source video format akin to that of MPEG.

What are the major disparities between OGG and MP3?

  • MP3 supports “Joint Stereo” and also two separate channels while OGG supports more than two channels up to 256 maximum.
  • MP3 media encoding format is based on proprietorship. Its developers assert that they ask for payments for any application or file that uses the MP3 format.OGG is not only an open encoding format but it also available free of charge.
  • OGG Vorbis encoding at 192 kbps is superior to MP3; however, both have same quality at 128 kbps.
  • Between the two formats, MP3 is more common than OGG Vorbis.
  • Regarding sound quality, OGG Vorbis is better than MP3.
  • MP3 is restricted by copyrights while OGG Vorbis is free for all.
  • In MP3 the bit rate of compression remains unchanged and cannot be varied while in OGG Vorbis the compression bit rate can be varied according to your requirements.
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Thompson Multimedia developed the MP3 while the Viph.Org Foundation created OGG Vorbis.

 So between MP3 vs. OGG Which Should You go for?

Now that you know the difference between the two formats which one is best for you?Owing to its early introduction into the world of file sharing, MP3 became tremendously fashionable. Its recognition is based on the reality that the phrase MP3 was synonymic with Compressed audio. The word MP3 is often used by some people to mean any aural file. On the other hand, the OGG Vorbis file format is increasingly becoming trendy among developers due to its better-quality sound and free for all code base. Nowadays, the hardware and toy makers are employing OGG Vorbis in the encoding of their audio files to evade MP3 patent problems and attain well-organized compression. Though, most of the portable music players or MP3 players do not support the format of OGG Vorbis. The game development industry highly favours the OGG Vorbis format as it has been significantly used in some recent popular games development.

Our MP3 Converter supports conversion of MP3 files into a lot of different formats. Similarly, our OGG Converter supports conversion of OGG files into various popular audio formats, so if you have an audio file that you simply can’t play because you don’t have the relevant software installed on your Operating System (OS) then you can simply change it’s format to the one supported by your OS and continue to listen to your favourite music.

One thought on “Comparison between the MP3 and OGG Vorbis file formats

  1. “OGG Vorbis encoding at 192 kbps is superior to MP3; however, both have same quality at 128 kbps.”

    That’s not even remotely close to being true. OGG absolutely destroys MP3 at 128kbps. In fact, OGG at 96kbps (Q2) sounds considerably better than an MP3 File at 128kbps.


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