Understanding Markdown: The Top Reasons to Use It

If you’re looking for ways to easily document and create text for the net, Markdown is one of the best options for you to have. However, not all people may understand it at first. This is why you need to find resources that can help you clear up some things about this particular program and how you can use it effectively. 

If you want to understand markdown and what it does for your website and content, please don’t hesitate to continue reading. You will try to explain it to you and show you just how useful it can be down the line.

Markdown Defined

The Markdown format is also known as MD. Essentially, it is a plain text formatting string of instructions to simplify written text for the Internet. If you use MD syntax, reading documents over the web would certainly be much easier down the line. A good thing about this particular format is that it still allows for text editing to occur. You can still have modifiers such as bullets, as well as fonts and different presentation styles down the line.

Top Reasons to Use Markdown

It Is Simple To Use

The syntax itself is easy enough to use. You do not have to follow complicated instructions to use it. For example, if you want to write something in bold letters, you just enclose the word in asterisks and it will be shown as such. 

It Is Versatile

From highlighting letters to changing the font, you will also be able to create lists and bullets with the Markdown format. You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to format in plain text if you use this syntax right away.

Converts Files Easily

You can use our online Markdown converter to convert your Markdown files to other formats like PDF, HTML, TEX etc.

Additional Points: The Syntax

The Markdown syntax is basically designed to convert complicated rich text editing tools into a plain text format for people to easily use online. As mentioned earlier, you just have to enclose the item that you want to appear on to your web page in parentheses or brackets to ensure that they would be able to appear without a hitch. Here is an example:

  • # heading
  • * Italics *
  • [link](URL)

The Summary

To wrap things up, we suggest that if you want to become the best computer programmer and coder, it would be best for you to get more familiar with the Markdown format. 

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