Understanding The Difference Between WOFF and TTF Fonts

To understand the difference between WOFF (Web Open Font Format) and TTF (True Type Format) fonts, you need to understand both of them individually as well as their synergistic cohesiveness. These are the issues that will be discussed in this article to assist in the decision of which one of the two will be better for your purpose.

WOFF (Web Open Font Format); An Overview

WOFF (Web Open Font Format) is a web font format developed by Mozilla, TypeSupply, and LettError. This font provides a lightweight easy-to-implement compression of data that is suitable for use with CSS @font-face rules. 

WOFF can be regarded as a Container or Wrapper file for font data in already existing formats rather than an actual format in its own right. It uses a compressed version of the same table-based @font-face structure used by True Type, Open Type, and Open Font Format.  

Metadata and Private use data structures, including pre-defined fields that allow foundries and vendors to provide license information if desired, which are included in the WOFF file format. There are two versions of WOFF available. WOFF and WOFF2 are mostly different regarding the compression algorithm they respectively use. 

Benefits of Using WOFF

  1. Font data in WOFF is compressed, and that enables sites that are using WOFF to use less bandwidth and load faster than sites that will be using True Type Files or Open Type files. WOFF2 is even better regarding the compression and will give you a 30% compression gain above the original WOFF.
  2. Many font vendors are unwilling to license their TTF or OTF for use on the web, but they are willing to license WOFF format fonts. This improves the availability of fonts to site designers.
  3. The WOFF format is liked by both proprietary and free software Browser vendors. Because of this, WOFF can become a genuinely universal interoperable font format for the web. This is not likely to happen to other font formats.

How To Use Woff?

You can use the @font-face CSS property to use WOFF fonts for text in web content. It works precisely as True Type Format fonts do. The significant advantage is that it will allow for a more efficient download of your data due to compression by the WOFF algorithm. 

Overview of TFF (True Type Format)

TTF is a format developed in the 1980s. Modern TTF files can also be called True Type Open Type Format fonts. TTF can be useful in extending support to some older browsers. This is especially the case on mobile if you need it.

What is TFF (True Type Format)

A file with the .tff extension represents files based on the True Type File extension technology. True Type Fonts allow the highest quality of display on computer screens without dependency on resolution. All modern applications that are using fonts can work with TFF. The fonts are freely available on the internet and can freely be converted to other font formats like WOFF and OTF.


As a general rule, we can accept that you will use less bandwidth and storage using WOFF. The whole packaging of WOFF will allow you more ease of use and more efficient compression, and usage of less storage space.

You can use our free online converter to convert WOFF files into OTF or TTF

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