HEIC 101: Understanding the Process

Have you ever heard of the term HEIC? If you have heard this word but don’t know what it means exactly, then you are in luck because we will try to explain the concept to you.

HEIC is the newest image file format that Apple products use for their pictures and image files. It is a much-improved version of JPG mainly because it reduces the file size of up to 50% without sacrificing the overall quality of the product.

It produces much crisper and clearer pictures on your Apple devices so you don’t have to worry about grainy images. You can now enjoy high definition photos and videos using this file format.

More Advantages of the HEIC Format

Aside from being able to store and have the storage capacity, this particular extension and format will be able to support short video animations as well as more file data using less space. Because of this, the colors, as well as the quality of the images, is much sharper and clearer than ever before. If you want to upload files faster, use this extension (.heic). You may ask what other data types can this particular file store?

Here they are as follows:

  • Images
  • Derivatives for editing
  • File Meta Data
  • Image Sequences (animated shorts, GIFs)

For this reason, this particular file format is highly recommended especially for those devices that may have a medium-sized storage capacity. You won’t have to worry about having to delete files just to accommodate new ones. All you have to do is to convert your JPG files and everything else will follow. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should We Convert JPG Files to HEIC?

We do this because of the lack of support. If your files are not converted anytime soon, you will have to delete them in bulk. However, if you can convert your files into an Apple compatible product, you would have to leave them behind as soon as possible.

Is This Easy Enough To Do?

Yes. There are many programs available include our HEIF converter that can help you convert the files easily.


Now that you know some of the major advantages of using the HEIC file format, there’s no reason for you not to get started with the conversion right away. Just be careful about choosing the right set of options when converting HEIF file because you won’t want to compromise the quality of the pictures that you’re going to use down the line. 

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