Please report if anything is still broken

Hello Guys,

Some of you might already know that FreeFileConvert’s server was hacked and I’ve re-imaged the server and fixed all the issues that the re-installation of things have caused, as far as I’ve tested all the conversions seem to be working fine now but if you notice that there is still something broken please let me know I’ll fix that.

And please accept my apologies however it was not even my fault that the server was down and you couldn’t convert your files.

Keep supporting


15 thoughts on “Please report if anything is still broken

  1. The option to zip the output file when converting files from pdf to doc isn’t working. It says that the covertion has completed but the link for dowload doesn’t appear. It works fine without zipping.


  2. Hi,Thanks for noticing it seems like my service provider is upgrading the server, so the site will be up soon sorry for this my current service provider has created lots of trouble for me already I’ll be shifting the site to a better service provider soon.Cheers,FreeFileConvert


  3. Hi. I’ve tried to convert a video from and it didn;t work. It said ‘your file cannot be opened, your file is corrupted, the load on server is too much, a problem with the converter’. I love this site and I use for everything I convert. But this “bug” is really annoying me. Please fix this. P.S. If you could add as one of the portals much will be appreciated. 🙂


  4. Hi,Thanks for the comment, I was aware of this bug but never get time to fix it actually the way works it confuses the downloader program so it works with some videos and then doesn’t work with others, I will try fixing the bug and will also look at if I can support but it might not happen soon as currently I’m working on the newer version of the site.Sorry for any inconvenience.FreeFileConvert


  5. Hi Joe,Could you please send me the link of video you are trying to convert I’ll have a look what causing the problem.FreeFileConvert


  6. Hi,The reason this video can’t be converted is that the server is located in US and this video when being open says “We are sorry this content is not available in your country”, so the video is restricted by in some countries which I suppose will not be possible to get converted.Sorry about this.FreeFileConvert


  7. It will be a bit lengthy process but I can give you some personal help if you like.Save all the html pages of videos you want to download then zip them all and send thme to me I’ll parse those html pages for you and will give you the links to .flv files of your videos, you can use any downloading program to get those .flv files and then finally use to convert them in any format you like.FreeFileConvert


  8. What do you mean by zip? I know that theres a littlebutton that says zip but i have no clue what it does. If you could tell me how to save and zip them that would be great!!!


  9. Hi,

    It's not actually a problem with the converter, the reason some videos can't be converted from is because FreeFileConvert's server is in US and blocks some videos based on the country they are being accessed from which prevents server from downloading some videos, try converting a different video I'm sure it'll work.



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