Five reasons, why you should convert Word Document to PDF format

Microsoft Office is one the most used Office software by the companies and individuals. Almost every document or presentation can be made in Microsoft office. This article was written on Microsoft Word, and it can be said the software, and its feature does not disappoint the user. However, there are several reasons why you should consider converting DOC files into PDF format. This is because converting to PDF provides greater opportunities and options for the writer in the contemporary world. Let’s have a look at them.

Word document change their format, PDFs do not

Imagine spending a whole day writing a long article and choosing the best format and page size, taking it to the office and opening it in a new computer and formatting it all over again! This is one of the biggest problems with the DOC format. When opened on a different computer or with different software, the whole document changes to a default format which ruins the document. It sometimes not only alters the format settings but, since some software may not support Microsoft Office feature, change the whole document setting, thus, the document looks entirely different.

One of the main reasons why PDF was developed by Adobe was to provide a uniform platform for every type of document, especially with DOC format, so that they can be viewed on any kind of device and operating system. This meant that once the document is converted to PDF, its style and format will become absolute and cannot be changed or altered in any way regardless of the device or system.

References can cause a lot of trouble

As mentioned above, if opened on different software or a computer, your contents can get disorganized. This commonly happens in an e-book or documents with content. Since on a different computer or software, the document is opened in default settings; thus page size can also change along with margins or guidelines. This also results in different page numbers and line spacing. It is yet another reason why writers prefer PDF format for their books or articles which may include pictures or table of contents.

Different version, different problems

Every software was once old; as time went by, newer and better versions were introduced in the market with advanced features and improvement. Same happened with Microsoft Office, although it created a small problem along with the improvements. Documents created in the new version of Word will rarely open in the older versions of Word since they lack several features which are prominent in the new versions. In the other way around, newer versions can open the old version documents but with slight changes. This can result in document alterations. Change of font or image display is some of the problems accompanied by the common Word problems mentioned above. As stated, it can cause format change or alter the content orientation as well.

Word is not the only one in the market

Billions of people use computers every day, and millions of them use it to write their books, articles, and whatnot. There is a very high probability that not all of them are familiar with Microsoft Word, and they may be using any other word processing software. This means that their document can be in different style, different font, size, or orientation. Although they can be opened in Word, a different view of the document can be highly expected. This means it may choose a default font for the document if the original font is not available in Word. Or it can cause the document to reformat which means the page size can change and so will the page numbers. You will experience the same consequence when opening a Word file in different word processing software. PDF means you can open your file in any software without expecting a single change in the format of the document. This ensures your documents remain intact and unaltered.

What is better than software which is mobile friendly?

In this fast developing world, most of the business and digital work depends on computers. Since you cannot access your computer everywhere, some people offer an alternative to using mobile devices to remain updated on their work. They often view documents and presentations on their phones or tablets. This becomes very difficult when the file they want to have a look at is in DOC format. Why? Because of most of the times, DOC formats require different apps which are not produced by Microsoft. This means they may not support some features resulting in alterations. Furthermore, apps that are good for doc formats are rarely free and cost a good fortune. PDF, on the other hand, have lots of free and user-friendly apps which can be downloaded on any mobile devices and allows the user to view PDF file without any problems.

Our DOC to PDF Converter provides an easy and hassle-free way to convert Word documents into PDF files, so you can always use it to convert your DOC files, or you can use our DOC Converter to convert DOC files into many other formats besides PDF.

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