New website design and improved conversion backend

We’ve listened to your feedback and have a complete redesign of our website, we have added a lot of new features and are continuously trying to improve the file conversion service that we provide.

We now use HTTPS as default, which provides improved security,  also we have added a couple of new tools for PDF files, so you can now do various operations on your PDFs like split, compress, encrypt and decrypt. OCR conversion has also been added for converting scanned documents into searchable text.

We have also added a registration facility, so you can retrieve any converted files which haven’t yet expired or deleted, from your Dashboard page, which means if you’ve lost a link to a converted file then you might be able to get that link from your Dashboard.

The new website is mobile friendly, you can now convert your files from anywhere, we’ve also added a notification system, where you can provide an email address and once your files are converted an email will be sent to that address, so you no longer have to wait for your conversions to complete.

We are constantly improving our service, so any suggestions that you have are always welcomed.

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