Video/Audio File Conversion Directly from URL


We have added support to convert video or audio files directly from URL, just enter full URL of your video or audio file (Ending with extension: flv, mpg, mpeg, 3gp, aac, ac3, flac, mp3, mp4, wav, dvd, rm, swf, avi, mov or wmv) in “Download Video” tab then select output format and convert it.


4 thoughts on “Video/Audio File Conversion Directly from URL

  1. There is a type of dvd file called a .VOB which is a “power DVD” file. If you could find some way to convert these files to mpeg or whatever that would be great 🙂


  2. why i can't convert any .swf files using enter full URL…it's alway said Sorry, your file could not be converted.
    This could be because:

    1) Your file cannot be opened.
    2) Your file is corrupted.
    3) The load on the server is too much.
    4) A problem with the converter ( which will be investigated by our staff ).

    hope u can solve the problem…


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