How much you like the service?


To improve the service I wish to know how much you like this conversion service and what’s the pass rate of files you convert and mean are you satisfied from the service or there’s something more that should be improved.


17 thoughts on “How much you like the service?

  1. Your service is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much on sharing your technology with us!!! Your website enables us to find everything needed all on one web site.


  2. Hi,Thanks for letting me know about that however AFAIK there wasn’t any problem in the service, could you please tell me what problem you are facing and what file you are trying to convert.Hope to listen from you soon.Thanks,FreeFileConvert


  3. I really appreciate this service. I can’t afford Word and papers for my online classes are supposed to be in that format! Definitely saves the day!


  4. This site is okay except any videos I convert into AVI format only give me sound and no video.I’d really like it if you could convert into .wmv format. The filesizes are smaller, which cuts download times. I’d use this more often if I had the option for .wmv format(Windows Media Video).


  5. Hi,I’ve added the conversion to wmv format and the reason you are only getting audio from avi files is that you don’t have avi video decoder plugin installed on your computer which you can get for free from < HREF="" REL="nofollow">divx decoder<>.Hope it helpsFreeFileConvert


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