Site Upgrade


As you can see I’ve upgraded the site, now you can see the status of file uploads or video downloads in addition to that now you can upload load and convert the files up to 100MB and I’ve also added few other Online Portals from where you can download videos for a full list visit the website Formats.

As I’ve made several changes and didn’t get time to thoroughly test every thing so if you find anything broken then please let me know and if you want me to add any other portal or file format than please let me know.

And please keep on donating I want to keep the site free for everyone but to run the website there is some cost involved and its your donations which are keeping this site running for almost a year by now.


6 thoughts on “Site Upgrade

  1. Hi,Today is the first time I’ve heard of or used your web site, it seems to have worked great so far.You don’t have any file conversions for eBook formats, ie lit, pdb, prc, tr3 etc.This would actually be more useful to me as there are lots of free eBooks around but the file formats are all over the place. With the amount of smart phones around these days you might find a bigger following.I’ll make a donation if you include the eBook formats, but sorry it will probably only be small.Thanks for your service, I think it’s great.


  2. Hi,Thanks for your feedback as there could be many to and from formats for ebooks so could you please be a little bit more specific in terms of from->to (e.g; pdb->pdf etc.) and let me know your top 3 or 4 formats that you would be most interested in than I'll try to add the conversions for them.Thanks,FreeFileConvert


  3. Hi,The main ones I’m interested in are:Plucker .pdbMicrosoft .liteReader .pdbMobiPocket .prc .mobiOthers that maybe worth while:TomeRaider .tr2 .tr3Open eBook .opfAmazon Kindle .azwThe to and from choices depend on which Reader people prefer, I use eReader as it suit me and my device best (pocket PC), but others may prefer other readers depending on the computer / device they are reading on.


  4. Thanks for adding .wmv! Ever since has taken a turn for the worst, I’ve been looking for places that are NOT zamzar(cause it’s slow) and this is it.Thanks!


  5. Can you convert files over 100mb if you’re doing it by URL? Because I’m trying to convert a 35min video and it’s loaded but has been saying “converting” for a while now…Anyway, love the site 😀


  6. Yes, you can convert over 100mb files if you are downloading it from URL I haven’t had any check for that but as the file is bigger so it will obviously take longer to convert it just leave it for a while and get back to it after some time I hope it will get converted.Cheers,FreeFileConvert


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